Choosing Single-Stage Snow Blower Versus Two-Stage Snow Blower

Posted on by Brandon Cade

Choosing Single-Stage Snowblower Vs Two-Stage

When choosing the best snow blower for your application there are quite a few variables that we can identify, and once identified we can easily figure out which snowblower will be the appropriate one for your application. We will be looking at the standard single-stage and two-stage snow blowers.

Single-Stage Versus Two-Stage

Single-Stage Snowblowers

Single-stage snow blowers utilize a systematic fluid motion to pick up and evacuate the snow from your pathway to the final resting place. They typically can handle up to 9-inches of snow at a time. They are smaller, easier to use and maneuver.

Single-stage snowblowers do an excellent job on pavement surfaces and have the ability to clear all the way down to the ground without having to follow-up with a shovel or sweep. Sloped driveways do not typically pose any issues with single-stage snowblowers are they are the ideal for these circumstances.

Two-Stage Snowblowers

Two-stage snow blowers are typically larger, more powerful, yet more difficult to maneuver. They are the best choice when removing deep snow and are ideal for areas that receive significant amounts of snowfall each year.

The two-stage snow throwing process starts by using a heavy-duty serrated auger which pushes the snow to a high-speed impeller which pushes the snow out and launches the snow through the chute and out of your way.

The two-stage is the most diverse snowblower with the ability to handle compacted snow and go on any terrain where removal is necessary. Concrete, asphalt and even gravel do not pose any issues when it comes to snow removal.